Dear reader,

"Nature never breaks its own laws."

When an object weighs less than air, it flies.

Period. No exceptions.

When cloud vapor compresses into water droplets, it rains.

Period. No exceptions.

It's a 100% certainty.

"Nature never breaks its own laws."

The genius behind those six simple words, Leonardo da Vinci, used them as the basis for every marvel he created.

Da Vinci let the laws of nature work their magic, knowing he could rely on them with 100% certainty to behave accordingly.

I've done the same thing.

If you're waiting for me to pull a rabbit out of my hat today, you're going to be disappointed. Because I'm relying solely on the laws of the market to accelerate the total yield on stocks to north of 13%, every month.

Known laws...

Laws that never fail...

Laws that have worked for the last 200 years, and will always work...

Laws that give us an 87.6% degree of certainty.

Laws that, in beautiful concert with each other, will accelerate the yield on stocks to 13%, every month.

Of course, total yield includes an element of capital appreciation. But I still won't stray too far from the wonderfully safe world of dividend investing, either.

I give you my word.

Even when the yield on stocks is accelerated to 13% every month, you can still be incredibly ambitious with how much you choose to invest.

Because you won't be investing in any penny stocks...

You won't be investing in any low-grade, high-yield bonds...

And you definitely won't be investing in stocks paying unnatural, over-inflated dividends (you know the ones I'm talking about).

Instead, you'll be accelerating the yields on the best dividend-paying companies in the entire world.

Forget earning 5%... 6%... 8%, annually. By combining the force of four unbreakable laws, you can safely earn 13%, every month.

Say we accelerated the yield on an average retirement account to 13%, well... the balance would grow by...

In fact, for investors who followed the Dividends Accelerator strategy last month as I outline in this letter, well...

They could've earned a 15.09% yield, and increased the balance on an average retirement account by $24,739 in 30 days.

On the day you hit a million, the natural tendency of my readers is to thank me.

They send me flattering little messages with very kind words. Like Stephanie did, who wrote in and said...

"God has greatly blessed me in life and following Louis' lead I've done well investing."

Stephanie is up $2.1 million.

But, you see... I'm just the messenger.

While I love the praise, it's a bit misdirected.

The laws of the market, along with their infinite reliability, have made this opportunity possible. Not me.

So I'd rather you thank, say... Law #1, the law of compounding returns, for turning the amount of an average retirement account into $802,994 in less than a year.

Laws that give us an 87.6% degree of certainty.

Law #1, the law of compounding returns, is so awesomely straightforward that it doesn't require any further explanation or proof.

I realize that it's not a particularly exciting law, like Laws #2, #3 and #4 are, BUT...

Don't downplay the law's importance.

Da Vinci never took a law for granted.

In fact, he did the exact opposite.

He praised every law for being infinitely reliable...

For being so perfect...

For being so predictable...

So let's be careful to honor the law of compounding returns for its wonderful, yet powerful, simplicity...

Let's praise it for simply being there, just as da Vinci would've done.

It's the cornerstone in which the Dividends Accelerator strategy is built.

Without it, we could never realize the dream of turning an average retirement account into a million dollars.

Besides, without Law #1, the market's second unbreakable law wouldn't be nearly as captivating.

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